Food Around The Rural Town


Hello there! I am at Sasayama, so you want to come to Sasayama but still wondering how the food looks like? Fear that you don’t like it? Don’t worry I know food is a vital factor if you want to come anywhere. So, in this 3 Days, I am going to walk around and convey the food to you! And telling how is the taste feels like 😀 Food is life, No Food No Life!

Day 1. Japanese Food

Okay, so first times first we are going to the first restaurant. I am wondering what do you think first if you want to come Japanese Restaurant! So, I decide Ramen Shop because sushi is everywhere, but Japanese Ramen sure should taste different because of the many seasoning.

Shoyu ramen, including pork, spinach, green onion, egg and bamboo shoots, was photographed at Tanpopo Noodle Shop in St. Paul on Monday February 18, 2013. (Pioneer Press: Richard Marshall)– Soyu Ramen to make you feel hungry

“I am coming in!”. I see there is two shop owner. Both are female, and they are so energetic and looks happily to see the customer come 😀 I see they inside the kitchen, try to take their picture secretly because it was embarrassing >_< but they see it! And they pose ha! Very Cool!



Luckily I am not alone here. Accompanying this party makes me can read the list 😀 After thinking a while I decide I am going to order Curry Udon, why you ask? I order Udon because it looks delicious! But it is “Ramen Shop” so we change the ramen to Udon, okay? Udon is good too so after waiting for just a couple minute udon is coming 😀


Nyaaaam, refreshing, so there is a strange thing I note that people tend to slurp their noodle, it makes it look delicious, so I ask Honda-san why does he slurp his noodle? He said, “it is more delicious and Ramen like when you slurp it. Whoaaa, one new knowledge attained, so guys if you are coming to Japan remember to slurp your noodle, it would strengthen the taste.

Aaaa, I am not full yet after eating we should look up for dessert, so I go to the bakery by myself. I can tell you that even this bakery is small they have the best taste. It is so cheap yet intriguing. There is a wide variety of cake such as Cheesecake, fruits, sandwich, and another delicacy I don’t know the name because it was Japanese Cake.


Byeeee, thankyou bakery shop~ after I am gone I see many people come to that bakery shop, My presence brings luck eh. Okay, near this place is what people call Fresh Bazaar. In this area, they sell fresh foods just from the oven or not, just raw and ready to eat food. So, this time what catch my eye is this eye-catching Sushi. What? The price? No, it is very cheap compared to the sushi at the restaurant, and it looks, so eye catching too so I am going to buy this one.


Itadakimasu! Uhuk uhuk,  Whew, it is splendid, the rice is delicious, and the fish do not stink. It just my feeling is not okay eating raw food, but maybe you like it, you should try. But as a friendly reminder, don’t put all the wasabi in your mouth at once! Very dangerous, it runs to your nose.


Okay, so now it’s already night, I wonder what people do in the evening so, I look up to Keiji-san room. And found it, they are eating this kind of beans, Edamame! I already hear the name before but don’t know about the taste. So this time lets try this edamame with Keiji-san! 😀


Day 2 Eastern Food

So yesterday we are tasting Japanese Food. So, today I am going to show around some Eastern food such as Indian food, Nepal Food, or Bangladesh Food, Eastern Food! 😀 Sasayama may be a traditional city, but many people immigrate here, so it doesn’t matter if somewhere around the line you’re missing your country food, look for it! It must be somewhere. The first restaurant  Is a Bangladesh Curry Restaurant. The people there invite me to eat today, so I came! 😀 In here I meet with Keiko-san. They only sell Bangladesh Curry on the Saturday and Sunday. Bangladesh curry is quite hot so prepare yourself. 😀


In this restaurant too, I meet with Yumiko-san, She is from Nishiwaki and works in the tea company that already expand to Singapore, United States, and Thailand wow. I meet her by coincidence because she is invited by Keiko-san to try Bangladesh curry too! 😀 it is delicious after all, the Bangladesh Curry is similar to Indonesian food haha.


In the night I am so happy because Kazushi-san (Re: My Boss) invite me to eat Indian Curry. And He treats me! Wow, who will reject such Offer! Haha. So we go to Bisho Indian Restaurant. Errrrm, it is a bit expensive I think as you have to purchase the curry differently with the bread.


I decide to eat the super hot one! And it is very spicy! OMG, beyond words, I recommend you, if you don’t eat spicy in India or Indonesia, or any other Spicy Country, don’t pick the Very Hot one. Just choose the easy one as it is already very spicy.


There is one time I have an event on a different timeline than the story before, so on the end of October I got a message from Facebook, they said let’s do Haloween Party! As I am free enough, I am going there with my Indonesian friend and arrive at the party.


Yeah, this is the place. This place looks so Nepal from outside with many purple elephants, Lotus Symbol, and Mantra Cafe Writing. So we come in and “Konbanwa (Good Evening).” So we are coming in. They are using costume haha. It looks funny as this is our first time celebrate Haloween, not scary at all, so we took pictures together. They are very welcoming, and especially they can speak English. So it is easy for us to become good friends. I try to use my Halloween costume too


– Haha, this is only an illustration

We enjoy the nights meeting these new friends make me almost forget that we need to show you the food haha.So, Mantra Cafe sells various of spicy food but only mildly spicy, and it was magnificent. You can order my recommended food. It is very delicious, but I don’t know the name, sad. And this is the only cafe I find that have Fried Rice (nasi goreng) on the menu. If you are Indonesian, and you miss the nasi goreng taste, just come to Mantra Cafe. This is the menu I order yesterday, it was curry in a hotplate, it was very delicious as they put many spices, curry, and egg in the hotplate and let it cook.

Day 3 Western Food

Nah This is the time for some European Food! So I go to this friend café, you know him from the previous blog, Kenji-san! 😀


So this time I go with Takaya-san, Naoto-san, and Minoura-san after helping them to prepare for AjiMatsuri ( Taste Festival ), you can look taste festival here 😀


So there is three lunch list in Inizio café, I choose the 3rd one as recommended. It was some European food I think, the appetizer is a fresh salad with edamame and peanut, Egg soup, and the main menu is I don’t know the food name but It was superb, Hainan rice with shitake and tuna below the melted mozzarella should I say.


Very delicious! 😀 and the dessert is delicious cake by Kenji-san wife, I believe it was French kind of cheesecake! It is my very recommended place if you go Sasayama 😀


Next cafe if you are going to taste the Western Food is this one and only New York Cafe in Sasayama R.H Bagels, Honda-san Recommend it for me as it was near Inaka-No-Mado so it should be Great! This time i am going with AIESEC friends as they are coming to Sasayama, here we are!

Then we go to RH bagels, the indoor of the Cafe looks great and the owner is very friendly!


Especially the food here is combined food between Americans and Japanese. It consists of mostly salad and healthy food with cream cheese, nachos, and of course tomato sauce.

We are so happy can eat in that place, see you again next time! 😀