A boy from Indonesia come to Sasayama

My name is Julio Anthony Leonard, you can call me Juan. I’m from Indonesia. What? How do I look? Okay 😐

14689240_1215897411816213_891580316_o (1)



Too small? I am shy >_<

14689240_1215897411816213_891580316_o (1)

Haha, I hope that’s handsome though 😀 Yeah yeah, I am handsome~ Thankyou

Okay, so this October I am going to have internship in Inaka-No-Mado, what is it anyway? Nah we will found out later, I just know it was in Sasayama so looking for Sasayama picture instead.


*Note: this picture is around google

Its beautiful! *_* Want to go there as soon as possible…

Several days later, it was my time to depart bye-bye Indonesia, see you again in 3 months :’)


*Note: this is from google world too

Yeaaay! Arrived in Kansai International Aiport, suddenly feel lost, can’t read anything, can’t speak too tough >_< feels alien but suddenly this party burst out yeaah. Thanks to AIESEC member, at least I know I don’t get lost \m/


*face after not taking bath 20 hours

After that we go to Osaka and come to Yodobashi, first time experience, very expensive x_X suddenly my money is divided by 10 times! Feels beggar now haha. Luckily there is very cheap but delicious curry, this is the first time I eat curry and I decide curry is number 2 favorite food after ice cream :’) so delwicious


Next we are going now to Sasayama, my heart be like badump badump, first time will meet with the company, what should I do? What should I say? Whaaa~ but calm down because too tired haha. And finally we arrive!


Whoaaa, somebody drying his shirt there, omoishiroi (interesting) :O

After coming in, it was the first time meet with the company, there is my first time in life welcome party :’) for me only, I feel moved :’)

14678048_1215901768482444_763607446_oYeah! Yeah! It is party time, drink, drink more lol. It is prohibited in Indonesia but now we’re at Japan, so maybe just a cup, or a bottle haha.


*Note: This is just illustration, there should be Kazushi san, Keiji san, Mariko san and other AIESEC member~

Nah you can look for our party there…

I am glad i am accepted here 😀 O~mo~te~na~shi. Omotenashi!

14457463_1074784452639892_8819129963834545602_n (1)


Nah there is character Introduction for you guys to know the people at the company 😀

Honda Kigen

Nishimoto Kazushi

Minoura Yuta

Chinatsu Adachi

*Design inspired by Binsar Siallagan


I will convey more information about Sasayama Every Tuesday 18.00 PM. Stay tuned! 😀